Thursday, January 19, 2017

Auburn henna & hibiscus shampoo bars

Below is my auburn shampoo bar recipe. The formulation has changed a few times. I really like using both hibiscus and rose hips teas since they seem to enhance the henna color. I also like to add a little bit of acid since I do so with a full henna treatment. Will these bars color your hair? I do notice a little bit of red highlights after using them for a few weeks. I also feel it brightens up my existing color and in particular when I have recently done a henna wash. I also feel I get some of the wonderful benefits of a henna treatment when I use the shampoo bars. 

Technically I don't think the henna bars can change your color in a drastic manner. When you shampoo you only leave the suds on for a few minutes and the amount of henna in the bar itself is low. However, it does depend upon your hair type also. My hair is curly and very porous. It absorbs color very quickly. I recently did a henna treatment with 90% Cassia Obovata and 10% Henna. I left it on for only an hour, since I had to run to the bus to get my son and I didn't want to scare everyone. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when my hair had an auburn tint. I did use a very high quality henna from Ancient Sunrise® and my hair absorbs color very well or so I found out from my experiment. So your hair may or may not have red highlights from using henna shampoo bars and it will be subtle if you do get color. On to the recipe. I make all of my shampoo bars vegan and palm free. I also sell the bars in my Etsy Shop Natural Violet. Enjoy!

Auburn henna and hibiscus shampoo bars
Total oils -                         70.35 ounces
Olive oil                                  8            11%
Coconut oil                            18            26%
Castor oil                                12            17%
Cocoa butter                             4             6%
Rice bran oil                            18            26%
Organic sunflower oil              10             14%
Candelila wax                        0.35          0.50%
Naoh (6%)                               9.66               6%
Henna, cassia, hibiscus tea, rose hip, acv tea - 22 ounces
Organic agave - 1 ounce added at light trace
16 ounces of tea plus 6 ounces of apple cider vinegar for the lye water

How to make the tea:
Add the henna, cassia, herbs, and apple cider vinegar to warm distilled water. Let the tea sit overnight and strain prior to adding the lye. Some of the henna and cassia powder will remain in the liquid and give the bars their lovely color. 
Rajasthani Twilight Henna 0.25 ounces 
Cassia Obovata 0.1 ounces
Dried hibiscus 0.1 ounces 
Dried Rose hip 0.1 ounces 

Please follow the necessary safety precautions for making cold process soap. Be careful when you add the lye to tea and apple cider mix. It can bubble a little so add it very slowly. I used two wooden soap molds and insulated for two days prior to cutting. Let the soap cure for six weeks prior to using. Thanks so much!

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