Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hybrid one size fitted diaper with tutorial

Hybrid fitted diapers are very popular these days and fairly easy to make yourself. It is basically a fitted diaper with a layer of water resistant polyester fleece. An explanation of a hybrid diaper is in the nighttime one size hybrid diaper post. This diaper is suitable for daytime use and does not require an additional cover as long as it is not used for long periods of time. So that means the really cute prints on the diapers can be out in open view for all to admire.

The pattern I used is the Rocket Bottoms One Size Diaper. The pattern includes fold over rise snaps to make it one size. I added a front snap rise adjustment instead. I like both methods, but I use less snaps for the front placing rise adjustment. I used my own contour soaker pattern, but any design is great. Here is how to make the diaper.

 1. For the diaper layers use woven cotton print for the outer layer, polyester fleece for the hidden layer and hemp/organic cotton fleece for the inside layer. Mark the placement of the snaps on the outer layer and add the front sockets prior to assembly to make them hidden. Mark the placement of the elastic to the outer layer. This is optional but you can add an additional layer of polyester fleece in the wet zone and sew it to the inside hemp fleece layer. Mark and add the snap in soaker sockets to the hemp fleece layer.

2. Cut the layers for the snap in soaker. Use 6 layers of hemp fleece and one layer of cotton velour for the top. Add the stud snaps for the snap in soaker to the bottom two layers. Cut two 6.5 inch pieces and one 5 inch piece of 3/8 inch braided elastic for the legs and back.

3. Sew the outer woven fabric with the polyester fleece and the hemp fleece inner fabric together with wrong side facing outwards. Leave a small gap at the top of the diaper to turn. Sew on the ends only of the elastic to the markings on the legs and back.

4. Turn the diaper right side out. Stitch around the entire diaper closing the open edge and making sure to not catch the leg and back elastic. For the legs and back, stitch a half inch casing making sure to not catch the elastic in the sewing. Add the wing snaps to the outside of the diaper.

5.  To make the petal soaker, first serge the three bottom layers together with the snaps on the bottom. Serge the top three layers together with the cotton velour on top. Sew the two petal pieces together at the top corners. Diaper is all done!

Here is the inside of the diaper with the snap in soaker.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lavender and lemon whipped body butter

Here is another lovely body care recipe. I make lotion bars on a regular basis and use them as my primary moisturizer. I love the bars so much that I no longer use any store bought lotions. I have said this before but making your own body care products is such a treat. I am so excited I found a few recipes for whipped body butter. It is similar to lotion bars except you leave out the wax and whip the oils with a mixer. Here is what I added to mine but there are several variations online. The texture is amazing and it is fairly simple to make.

Lavender and lemon whipped body butter

1/4 cup organic olive oil
1/4 cup organic coconut oil
1/2 cup organic cocoa butter
30 drops lavender oil
10 drops lemon oil

Melt the oils together using a hot water bath on the stove. Place the oils in the fridge for an hour. Whip the oils using a mixer to a frosting consistancy. Add the essential oils and blend. Treat your skin.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

KCW Day 5 and 6 - Flutter sleeve dress and baby pants

For KCW Day 5 and 6, I made a really sweet little flutter sleeve dress and matching pants for R. The pattern for the dress is from Sew Chic Kids. I received the book for Christmas and I love all of the patterns. The flutter sleeve dress is style K. I made the size 2 and it is generous sized for R, but I figure she can wear it over the summer and maybe into next winter also with the pants. The material is from a cotton night gown I found at Goodwill. I also made another pair of Monster Bunz pants to go under the dress. The pants are made from sleeves of a knit shirt from Goodwill that I have been saving for a few years. I always planned to make a pair of pants for J but never got around to it so now I am using them for R. The charcoal lycra knit fabric is from Fashion Fabric Club. They had an awesome sale on knits a few weeks ago. The actually have free shipping this week so I am sure I am going to order more good stuff for sewing.

Photo bomb courtesy of little sweets. She crawled right over the pants and ground them into the wood floor. It is no wonder I rarely get a good photo to put on the blog. Oh well, I am sure it would help also if I had a good camera. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

KCW Day 3 and 4 - Hemp fleece baby pants and envelope tee with matching shoes

For day three and four of Kids Clothing Week I made another comfy set of baby pants with a matching envelope tee. The green fabric is the hemp and organic cotton fleece that I use to make the diapers. The gray fabric is a cotton rib knit that I purchased at I used the same patterns as for KCW Day one and two, but I made the smaller size baby pants that fit from 3 months to 1 year. I would say the sizing for the pants is spot on since little sweets will be a year soon. Yikes! I am definitely in denial about that part.

I also made a pair of matching shoes from the green hemp fleece with a faux suede bottom. The faux suede is from again. I love ordering from there. The shoe pattern is the Cloth Shoe Pattern from Stardust Shoes. I used this pattern for J also when he was a baby.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Quilted duvet cover

In addition to KWC sewing, I managed a little selfish sewing this weekend. I made a quilted cover for my duvet. When I was pregnant with R I went through a big nesting phase at the end where I decided I was going to redo all of the bedroom linens. I did manage to make pillow cases before she was born which by the way are a real treat. I don't think I will ever want regular pillow cases again. I also made pillow cases and a duvet cover for J's room. I wound up placing  the snaps on the wrong way when I tried to finish it up when R was just a newborn so after that point I gave up for a while on decorating. I am back to it and I finally fixed the snaps. His room looks awesome almost a year later. I also made a duvet cover for my room. I didn't use a particular pattern. I kept the design simple and added a bunch of color cotton fabrics. I bought all of the fabrics for the covers and pillow cases on I love buying fabrics there. The customer service is awesome and the prices are great. I love the selection also. So here are a few photos of my decorating attempts. I am really happy with how everything turned out. I need to take a better photo of J's room. He decided to be a part of the photos of my room. Little did I know he was just waiting to jump on the bed. Well, it looked nice for a few minutes anyway.

KCW Day 1 and 2 - Comfy baby pants and envelope tee

It is KCW or Kids Clothing Week. I made a cute and comfy knit outfit for little sweets. I used the Monster Bunz Pattern for the pants. I made the large size without the circle bum. I am very excited about this pattern. It is so cushy and perfect for a little toddler. The size range is awesome also. The large fits from about 1-3 since the cuffs and waistband can be extended. It is pretty roomy on R now and super easy to get on and off for diaper changes. She also fits into the medium size which ranges from about 3 months to 1 year. The fabric for the pants is from a recycled pair of purple sweat pants I found at Goodwill. There is enough fabric to make two pants actually so very nice.

The envelope tee pattern is from one of my favorite books Growing Up Sew Liberated. I used the book to make the fabulous teepee for J's Christmas present. Well, the book also has really comfy clothing patterns. The envelope tee was easy to put together. I made the 12-18 months size and it fits her well though the sleeves are little long. The material is a cotton knit striped polo shirt from Goodwill. I also used this material to make the cuffs and waistband for the baby pants. She looks really cute in her new outfit. I plan to make a cute dress or pinafore to go with outfit. I received the Girls Style Book for Christmas and I can't wait to try out the patterns. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nighttime one size hybrid fitted diaper

I decided to make a special nighttime diaper for R. My inspiration is the tucked in all night diapers from Bagshot Row Cloth. I saw a link to the diapers on one of the cloth diaper facebook pages I follow and I was really intrigued by the idea of using poly fleece on the outside. I did a little research and if you get the right type of poly fleece then you can make an awesome hybrid diaper. How do you know if you have the right type of fleece? That is a little tricky since there are so many types of poly fleece available. The Windpro fleece from Malden Mills is the gold standard for making hybrid diapers but other types of fleece like blizzard or anti-pill will work well also. If you are not sure then you can add water to the top layer of the poly fleece and press on it. If the water goes through to the other side easily then it won't work well on the outside.

What is a hybrid diaper exactly? It is a fitted diaper that has an extra layer of water resistant poly fleece. For daytime use the poly fleece is hidden and placed next to the outside layer. This provides a water resistant layer that repels moisture back into the soaker layers of the diaper and therefore provides some wetness protection without having a separate cover. No separate cover? That's right. It means you can use all of the cute prints for the outside of the diaper and still be able to see them. Brilliant! The daytime hybrid diapers are not as water resistant as compared to a regular fitted with a cover or so I have seen. I haven't tried one yet but I plan to make one soon. 

Back to making a nighttime hybrid diaper. If you place the poly fleece on the outside of the diaper and add a few extra layers to the wet zone along with a lot of hemp fleece then you can make a super duper nighttime diaper. I made the diaper shown using the Rocket Bottom one size diaper pattern and it has a fold down rise. The outside is 200 weight anti-pill fleece from a recycled Land's End fleece sweater. I tested the poly fleece prior to making the diaper and it seemed very water resistant. I added two additional layers of poly fleece in the wet zone. The diaper has a hidden layer of hemp fleece and a bamboo velour liner. The insert is snap in and petal style. The top petal layer is bamboo velour and three layers o f hemp fleece. The bottom petal is four layers of hemp fleece. I made an additional lay in insert with four layers of hemp fleece to place under the snap in insert. So that makes 14 layers of absorbent fabric.

The diaper is fairly fluffy as you imagine but it works like a charm. When J was younger than 8 months or so I could get away with using a regular daytime diaper for nighttime use. Once he got a little older I found the regular diapers were not adequate for nighttime use. I have been adding extra hemp fleece inserts to R's regular diapers since she is 11 months and that works fine. I don't have wet sheets at the end of the night but I do get a little moisture to the outside. The diaper is totally saturated also so I wanted to make a separate diaper for nighttime use with a high absorbancy. I am really happy with the nighttime diaper so far. R is really comfortable in the new diaper too and I don't have to add a separate cover. I took it off her this morning and it wasn't totally soaked. I am impressed since she is a heavy nighttime wetter. The addition of the poly fleece helps the diaper work better by distributing the moisture throughout the insert layers. So I plan to make a few more and look for the Windpro fleece. While I am it I will make a few daytime hybrid diapers so I can enjoy all the fun fabrics on the outside.