Friday, February 12, 2010

Red velvet recycled diaper

I have been sewing lots of stuff for the little guy during the many snow days we have had over the past week or so. I found a pair of bright red cotton stretch velvet pants at the local thrift store and I decided to use the fabric to make another recycled diaper. I turned and stitched this diaper instead of using zig zag edge. The pattern is the same as for the recycled t-shirt diaper. The diaper is really plush and fits Jonas great. I use Snappis to close it, but it also works without closures if I use a close fitting cover. I used the red cotton velour on the outside and a layer of hemp knit and recycled fleece on the inside. I have to say the cotton stretch velvet makes a really fabulous diaper. I also made a new insert using organic cotton and hemp jersey. The insert is 15" x 13" and is three layers of fabric. I rounded the edges and used a fancy stretch stitch to sew it together. I also sewed down the middle to secure the layers. I fold it in thirds and it fits perfectly in the pocket.

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