Friday, April 10, 2009

How to make a hemp fitted diaper

I am really amazed how nice cloth diapers are these days. My favorite are fitted diapers since they are a breeze to put on, keep everything contained and are just so cute. I did a lot of research on cloth diapers and how I could make them myself. There are numerous sites available online with free patterns and how to instructions. A great online resource is Sew Your Own Diapers. For this tutorial I used my own diaper pattern (download at nvdiaper01 and nvdiaper02). The diapers require a waterproof cover. I use pul diaper covers and my favorite is the Bummi super whisper wrap diaper cover.

I make the diapers out of hemp/organic cotton knit fabric from Pick Hemp. I use hemp knit for the main fabric and organic cotton fleece for the soaker pad. I also add a small oval of synthetic fleece fabric, but the diapers work fine without it too. I use the fleece because it keeps him dry, doesn't stain and makes it easier to shake off the fun stuff. I like using hemp fabric because it is super absorbent and also anti-microbial which is a good thing for diapers as you can imagine. The hemp knit is also very soft and stretches a bit so the diaper will fit for awhile.

Instructions for Diaper

Materials: Hemp/organic cotton for the main body of the diaper. Organic cotton fleece for the soaker and synthetic fleece for the liner. I also use Velcro for the fasteners.

1. With the pattern cut out the diaper back and front using the hemp knit. Cut out two liner pieces using organic cotton fleece. I round the edges for the liner. Cut out the oval piece of fleece fabric for the inside. You will also need elastic and Velcro. I use one inch wide Velcro and quarter inch elastic. The long loop piece is 8 inches and the smaller loop pieces are 1 inch. The hook pieces are 2 inches.

2. Pin the two layers of the liner to the wrong side of the inside fabric for the diaper. Sew and zig zag the liner to the inside fabric.

3. Turn over to the right side of the inside fabric and pin the fleece liner in place. Sew and zig zag the fleece liner to the inside fabric.

4. Sew the elastic to the wrong side of the inside diaper piece at the leg openings and the back of the diaper. The pattern has the elastic points marked, but you can wing it also and just add enough to get a nice gather along the diaper. I use a three stitch zig zag, but a regular zig zag will work also. Just make sure to pull the elastic very tightly as you sew.

5. Pin and Sew the inside and outside diaper fabric together with the rights sides facing outward. Zig zag around the entire diaper. Sew the inside and outside diaper together along the elastic lines using a three stitch or regular zig zag. This creates a nice ruffle along the elastic on the outside of the diaper.

6. Sew the loop Velcro on the front of the diaper and the loop and hook Velcro on the wings. All done and ready for use. Stand back and admire your handiwork.


Heidi Bayly said...

I'm looking forward to attempting to make some fitted cloth diapers this weekend with my mom. My husband and I are adopting a 7 month old boy from Ethiopia and hope to bring him home in May. I was quite happy to find your blog! I love pretty much everything on it. I had a few questions about the diapers.

I have 7 yards of hemp/cotton fleece and was wondering if you pre-washed and dried all your fabric before sewing? If so, did you have to zig-zag stitch around the outside so it wouldn't fray in the wash?

Do you have to use an extra soaker, or do you find that this diaper holds everything without it?

Also, what kind of covers do you use? I am going to try some Thirsties covers, but I'm also interested in wool. Have you ever experimented with felted wool as covers?

Darlene Bruce said...

Hey Heidi;
Congratulations on your future little one. So exciting and wonderful!! I am really glad you like the blog also. Thanks so much. I am happy to help with any questions you have about cloth diapering.

For washing, I did pre-wash and dry all of the fabrics prior to sewing. I did not zig-zag any of the fabrics and I didn't have any problems. You can pull on the edge of the fabric to test if it frays. It if does, then go ahead and zig-zag.

I do not use an extra soaker, but I may start now that he is older. He seems to soak through the diaper a bit quicker these days. However, I haven't had any problems with leaks. The fitted diapers really hold everything in well.

I use Bummis whisper wrap covers currently in size medium and they work great. I did make the newborn and small pul covers, but I bought the medium cover since I had a gift certificate to use. I haven't used the wool covers so not sure about them.

Hope this helps! Good luck with sewing this weekend and let me know if you have any other questions. Happy sewing!

L Vanel said...

That is a cute little diaper. Thanks for the how-to! It has given me the courage to use the Tuumat design.

Darlene Bruce said...

Great! Hope the pattern works well for you also.

Nicole said...

This cloth diapers are all amazing! I'm 15 weeks along with our first little one. I finally decided to give cloth diapers a try considering all the money we would be saving in the long run. I have been searching the web for days now looking for the best patterns out there. Your's was by far the best I've seen and the tutorial you've provided looks like its pretty easy to follow along with. Where did you find the PUL & hemp fabrics at? Also do you like using snaps or velcro when making them. Also there are so many different kinds of cloth diapers which have you found the best? {all in one, pre-folds, fitted, or pocket} What materials have you found hold up the best after all the washing you've done? Thanks so much!

Natural Violet said...

Hi Nicole - So glad you are joining the cloth diaper group and congratulations! I really like the pocket style diapers. I make both pul/fleece and hemp fitted pocket diapers. I make my own covers using pul fabric. I have also bought covers from Bummis which work great. I recently purchased fabric from Kids in the Garden. They have a great selection and service is great also. Feel free to check out my other posts on cloth diapers. Hope this helps.

Della said...

I havent made diapers in a while , and now that my sister is having her first I am working on some for her. I would like to make AIOs however, I have not been able to find any cute patterned PUL fabric. I can only find plain white locally. Can the plain PUL be sandwiched between the inner layer and patterned or appliqued outer layer and still work properly?

Natural Violet said...

Hi Della - I had a hard time finding cute pul prints also. If you find a good link please let me know. I think it works fine to sandwich the pul fabric. I made one cover that way. I had a some moisture wicking so I didn't use it for naps or night time, but it worked fine for day time. Hope this helps.

Rachat de credit said...

Thanks it has been a great help, now to make a hemp fitted diaper is simple by using your recommendation. Thank you

Natural Violet said...

Hi Rachet. Happy to help!!

Kristine Langone said...

I am trying to figure out how to make cloth organic diapers. I was going to put an organic cotton sweatshirt material on the inside and hemp and bamboo inserts. However, what to do about the outside? Everyone says to use pul fabric or you will have a soaked diaper. But pul is bad for you. Do you have any suggestions on what to use on the outside that is organic and won't leak? Thanks!