Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quick dry hemp diaper insert

I have been a little lax lately with posting. The weather has been really nice so Jonas and I have been spending a lot of time hanging out at the city parks. We are very fortunate to have a really nice park right the down the street which has a spray ground. Jonas is quite the water baby so he loves our little outings.

Now on to the post. I am still working on the new diapers. I recently made a quick dry hemp jersey diaper insert like the one shown in the diaper making video at Kids in the Garden. Great idea from them and it really dries quickly. It takes a little more time to make the insert as compared to the hemp prefold so still deciding if it is worth the extra effort. I need to put it in use for a while and report back. Here is how I made the diaper insert.

Quick dry hemp jersey insert

Materials: Half a yard of Hemp/organic cotton jersey fabric. I don't prewash the fabric. I cut it larger for shrinkage.

1. Measure and cut an 18 inch piece of hemp jersey fabric. The insert will shrink to about 15 inches in length once washed and dried.

2. Cut nine 6 x 18 inch rectangles from the fabric. Round the edges. You will have one extra rectangle that can be used for another insert.

3. Stack two rectangles together and zig zag the edges. Continue until you have four double sided rectangles.

4. Lay the four rectangles on top of each other and pin the center. Sew the center of the insert through all of the layers.

5. Sew the four corners and you are done. The insert will need to be washed and dried a few times before it reaches maximum performance level.

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Anonymous said...

I'm am in the process of switching my diaper inserts from microfiber to natural fabrics. How did these work out for you? They look nice.
Would you say there are enough layers for a heavy wetter or overnight use?
Thanks for the tutorial!