Monday, January 27, 2014

Quilted duvet cover

In addition to KWC sewing, I managed a little selfish sewing this weekend. I made a quilted cover for my duvet. When I was pregnant with R I went through a big nesting phase at the end where I decided I was going to redo all of the bedroom linens. I did manage to make pillow cases before she was born which by the way are a real treat. I don't think I will ever want regular pillow cases again. I also made pillow cases and a duvet cover for J's room. I wound up placing  the snaps on the wrong way when I tried to finish it up when R was just a newborn so after that point I gave up for a while on decorating. I am back to it and I finally fixed the snaps. His room looks awesome almost a year later. I also made a duvet cover for my room. I didn't use a particular pattern. I kept the design simple and added a bunch of color cotton fabrics. I bought all of the fabrics for the covers and pillow cases on I love buying fabrics there. The customer service is awesome and the prices are great. I love the selection also. So here are a few photos of my decorating attempts. I am really happy with how everything turned out. I need to take a better photo of J's room. He decided to be a part of the photos of my room. Little did I know he was just waiting to jump on the bed. Well, it looked nice for a few minutes anyway.


hungie gungie said...

Aw, I miss that kid! Gotta play soon! That duvet is gorgeous!!! And I will agree about the pillowcases- my mom has made my kids a few and they are so nice to have!

Natural Violet said...

Thanks so much! We definitely need to get together soon.